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Scheme Communication


MBMed 2021 Member Guide

MBMed 2020 Benefit Brochure



Scheme Correspondence

MBMed Letter to Members Withdrawal of Notice of Termination of DTBSA Participation 26 November 2021

Withdrawal of the Notice of Termination of Company Contributions to the MBMed Medical Aid Fund and accompanying Company Notice

MBMed Letter to Members Caution Against Unscrupulous Panic Claiming

MBMed Pensioner Roadshow Comms updated

MBMED Medical Aid 2022 Pensioner Roadshows

MBMED Third Letter to Members Termination of Company Participation 12 October 2021

MBSA_Discovery 2022 vs MBMed

MBSA-DTBSA_QA_Changes to medical scheme benefit 1 January 2022

MBMED_Second Letter to Members_Termination of Company Participation

Termination of Company Participation

Medscheme Tax Certificate - MBMed

Updated Communication - MBMed Chronic Medication

Vaccination Rollout Letter to Members 60 and over - 18 May 2021

Vaccination Rollout to All MBMed Members - 18 May 2021

MBMed Election letter

Information on COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout Plan

Flu Vaccination and COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out

If you have previously contracted COVID-19

You must manage your chronic condition to improve your outcomes

MBMED COVID-19 Tests Explained

Hospital at home

MBMed Letter from the Principal Officer

When and how to use a face mask

MBMED Covid-19 Communication

MBMED Covid-19 Funding Communication Updated

MBMed Covid-19 Home Care Communication

Back & Neck (DBC) Leaflet

Dis-Chem Dispening Comms 1

Dis-Chem Dispening Comms 2

MBMed Flu Vaccination

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